FRAP TIRF of FRAPed actin filaments in vitro assay IRM Reflection interference contrast microscopy of Naegleria on Connie the Confocal. Real time, then sped up 20 fold. JMY JMY (red) and LC3 (green) positive puncta partially colocalize and comigrate. crawling Naegleria crawling on glass. Sped up 25 fold. naegleria collagen Naegleria crawling through 3D collagen fibers. chytrids crawling chytrids crawling naegleria pulling Naegleria crawling on glass. Sped up. chytrid swimming Chytrid zoospores swimming. Slowed down 75x. chytrid flagellar retraction Chytrid zoospore retracting flagellum microfluidics microfluidics FtsZ SIM FtsZ in bacillus imaged with SIM neutrophil cinematic neutrophil crawling, rendered using ChimeraX and Cinema4D bead motility Wave 1 complex actin beads motility assay GFP-Wave1 complex (green), Cy5 actin (blue) Invasive lung squamous cell carcinoma immunostained for cytokeratin (green) and vimentin (red). Rapid prototyping with Arduino boards and Thorlabs Lab Snacks boxes. Trajectories of nuclear F-actin puncta in a single confocal slice of a live U2OS nucleus over 30 seconds at 50 millisecond resolution.